5 Quick Facts about Digital Marketing

All marketing is now digital marketing.  When is the last time you used the yellow pages to find a plumber or repairman? Ubiquitous access to the internet has created a new ecosystem to acquire new customers.  Here are some quick facts showing just how important digital marketing has become.

  1. There are over 240 million internet users in the United States Today
  2. 16 billion searches are conducted on the major search engines on a monthly basis
  3. 85% of customers believe that the top businesses on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) are the best businesses for that search
  4. 58% of customers start their buying process online.
  5. Over 20% of all searches conducted online have local intent.

Once again, digital marketing is a completely granular way to generate new business online.  If your business isn’t showing up, your potential customer is going to your competitor.  Funnel Driven has expertise to help you convert those lost clicks into new revenue for your business.  Find out how we can help!