BDR / SDR Account-Based-Marketing Cadence

I’ve been getting a lot of questions on how we’re so successful in our Account-Based Marketing (ABM) outreach.  I thought it would be valuable to provide the Cadence that our team actually uses.  We have derived an approach that initially appears intensive, but given the number of devices and mechanisms to reach people is required to create enough familiarity to drive a response.  Our initial cadence was 1 touch ever three days for 50 days.  Our results were abysmal.  An industry peer turned me on to this methodology that started giving us immediate results.

Account-Based Cadence

The Goal here is to split your account-based contacts into two buckets. An A Bucket and a B Bucket.  The reason for this is to continuously touch someone at the account every day for an entire month.  On week 1 you focus on Account Bucket A.  Week 2 you focus on Account Bucket B.  Then alternate.

5% ABM Connection Rate

Even with this high touch model, our best reps hover around a 5% connection rate.  This means that it takes 20 activities to get a single response.  That response can be positive or negative.  Which is why a high activity model like this is paramount to drive ABM BDR success.

Phone is still the best way to connect with prospects

All the tools and technology provided by ABM technologies is great.  The cohesion driving brand-awareness through tools like Terminus definitely helps have more meaningful conversation with prospects, but you still have to find a way to get that connection.  Our most successful appointment-setting tool for ABM campaigns is still the phone.  Salesloft is an incredible tool that helps us run our call campaigns and integrates directly into to provide the data required to measure our connection rates.

Have a better cadence that your team uses? Would love some feedback.