Social Selling – 7 people you should connect with

Social Selling is a fundamental shift in prospecting methodology.

Prospecting clients used to be around 80% cold calling and 20% email.  Fortunately, the landscape has changed.  Linkedin has empowered the savvy sales person to reach new clients through content and context.  You can now expand your network and stay top of mind as a thought leader and subject matter expert for anyone looking for the service or product you are selling.  In order to be a successful social seller, you need to expand your network.  Here is a quick list of seven people you should be connecting with every time you get on Linkedin.

Growing Your Social Selling Network

  1. People you went to school with
  2. Your personal network (friends and family)
  3. Business colleagues and partners
  4. Current customers you have met in person
  5. Anyone on your professional contact list
  6. Anyone in your phone contact list
  7. Anyone else you may know

Social Selling is a habit

The key to successful social selling is making it a habit.  You have to make a conscious effort to give this prospecting methodology a percentage of your time and make it a daily routine to be successful.

Funnel Driven has a proven track record in consulting businesses implementing social selling methodologies for both direct and channel sales forces.   to learn more about how Funnel Driven can help your team take their social prospecting and sales to the next level, contact us!