Social Selling 101 – 8 Types of Content to Share for clicks!

Social Selling is a great way to prospect new customers.  By growing your network on social networks like twitter and linkedin, you will be able to use those platforms to build domain knowledge and become a subject matter expert to your targets.  I previously discussed the 7 Types of People you need to connect with to grow your social selling funnel, and today I am giving you a list of topics that will increase the likelihood of increased exposure for your content.

Social Selling 80 / 20 Rule

Remember that sharing too much information about your company or product will quickly become noise.  Noise is essentially social spam.  If people aren’t engaging your content or feel that the information you post is purely self promotion, you will quickly get muted or even blocked.  Follow the 80/20 rule with all social content and you will become a more powerful social seller.

Social Selling Content

  1. Interesting articles and blog posts
  2. Thought leadership content related to your area of expertise
  3. Videos (YouTube, Vimeo, TED)
  4. Useful presentations and white papers (SlideShare)
  5. Insights (people love stats) and quotes
  6. General business and leadership tips and advice
  7. Infographics and images
  8. Keep self-promotion and marketing to 20% or less

Social Selling allows one to many

Sharing great, compelling content on social media can have an exponential impact on your potential reach.  By sharing 1 post that receives 10 likes on linkedin, you can reach as many as 6,000 new users.  This can have a profound impact on your prospecting ability.