Optimization Methodology

Exceptional Conversion Optimization Strategy

Funnel Driven has created a proprietary system for Conversion Rate Optimization we call ACCRUE. This system combines Analytics, Content, Cohesion, Reach, Usability, and Excellence to provide a 360 degree Digital Strategy Campaign.



Proper analytics is at the core of any successful digital strategy.  Being able to review historical data while monitoring and tracking data throughout the entire process is the fundamental driver for Conversion Rate Optimization.


“Content is King” is the popular digital marketing adage.   Content is the mechanism by which a business communicates and interacts with clients or customers.  There is a difference between good and great content.  Successful digital strategy encompasses reliable content strategy.


Successful digital strategy requires cohesion.  A cohesive message transcends specific channels by unifying the marketing messages across all platforms including organic, paid, social, offline, and print.


We believe in the saying “Use the right tool for the job”  Just because you have a social media account doesn’t mean that you should broadcast certain messages with it.  By focusing on delivering the right message to the right person at perfect time, we can increase the likelyhood of your message converting.


Neglect for how a message is presented will minimize the impact of your campaigns. The “packaging” of your message or campaign is as important as the message.  Exceptional usability has proven to increase engagement and retention.


Be proud of the job you do and don’t half ass anything. Let the job speak for itself.

How Funnel Driven Optimization Works

Goals and Expectations

Working with Funnel Driven begins with a Goals and Expectations meeting.  At this point, Our team will meet with a potential client to establish goals and expectations for our clients.  Is the client trying to increase visits, grow search engine rankings, gain a better understanding of how their customers are interacting, or generating new leads?  In order to build a successful campaign, exact expectations must be set.


Once Goals and Expectations have been properly set, the campaign audit begins.  This audit includes:

  • Questionare
    • List of top competitors
    • On Page Analysis
    • Backlink Analysis
    • Keyword Strategy
    • Websites the client loves / hates
    • Collateral Audit
  • Access to Analytics
    • Any historical campaign data
    • Google Analytics (or other tracking)
  • Funnel Driven Analytics and Tools added
    • Funnel Driven uses a variety of tools to achieve Conversion Optimization success.
  • Affirmation of Expectations